Giving to Missions

Giving to Global Missions

Coquitlam Alliance missionaries and mission teams(Ethos is one of these) continue to work in a global capacity in Mexico among other countries. Many of the people with whom Tarahumara Ministries work with are poor and orphaned, and in this context compassion initiatives are essential in sharing the Gospel.

Because of our relationship with Tarahumara Ministries in Mexico
 we have identified specific items that will tangibly help and impact needy people. We invite you to give a gift in honor of someone or to share a giving experience as a family or community group.

By giving, you will assist in showing the love of Jesus as our teams and missionaries come alongside those with incredible needs. We see this as an important part of joining God in the work He's already doing in Mexico. 

Child Sponsorship

The Guacayvo Boarding School/Orphanage currently houses nearly 100 Tarahumara children from the region. Of those children there are over 20 children who have yet to be sponsored. Child sponsorship is a great opportunity for you to continue to support the work going on among the Tarahumara in Mexico. As a child sponsor, you are connected to one special child who knows your name and feels your tender love and prayers.

Child Sponsorship helps provide children with:
- a bed
- clean water
- nutritious food
- medical care
- education
- spiritual nuture

A couple of times a year you will have the opportunity to send a card and much needed items we will inform you about. This year sponsors were able to send shoes/socks one time, and jeans another. 

If you would like to sponsor one or more of these children, please fill out the Sponsorship Form, print it off, and bring it in to the church.  You will then be given a picture of your sponsor child. Your monthly pledge can be made by direct withdrawal each month from your chequing account, or by automatic payment monthly on your credit card. Either way, your gift is a true blessing to these children in need. You can also find the Sponsor Form at the bottom of this page.

Most sponsors give a monthly pledge of $35, however, if you are unable to give that much you can also give $20 or $25. We'd gladly accept this.

For pictures and updates on the children living at the Guacaivo Orphanage/Boarding School, click here

Ways to Help

Dresses - $10 
Gives a woman fabric to sew her own dress. 

Shoes - $10 
Shoes wear out in mountain terrain. 

Sweaters - $15
A warm sweater can be invaluable during the winter months.

Audio Bibles - $30
A wonderful way for illiterate people to hear the gospel in their own language and grow in their faith. 

Feminine Hygiene Kits - $5
Reusable feminine products for girls & women in poverty whose work and schooling is interrupted monthly because of their lack of resources. 

Food Baskets - $25
Gives basic food supplies to a family who are malnourished. 

You can give to any one of these projects by printing off and checking off the appropriate box in brochure (linked here). Just include this brochure with the total amount you'd like to give in an Offering Envelope. Thank-you for your donation!