I'm interested finding more information about missions in general.

If you're looking to hear what Jesus' church is doing around the world Kingdom Without Borders: The Untold Story of Global Christianity by Miriam Adeney offers a powerful combination history and real stories that inspire you to see how big God's kingdom really is. But if you're looking for more of a theology of mission, Christopher Wright's book The Mission of God's People is a great start.

Also, Missions Dilemma, a two day class examining some the difficulties and worthwhile sarcrifices involved in cross-cultural missions will be taking place at Coquitlam Alliance Church in early 2015, check back for exact dates.   

Mexico Mission

I'm interested in finding out more about the Mexico Mission.

When it comes to Mexico there's a couple routes you can take. On your right you can watch a video featuring Diane Francisco, CAC Mission Director, describing some of the conditions Tarahumara aboriginals live in and the work CAC is invovled in. You can also read a short story about how the ministry began by clicking here.

If you'd rather talk to someone, Ethos Missions Director Alessandro Perello would be happy to have a conversation with you. You can contact him at aperello@sfu.ca or ask for him at Ethos on a Sunday night. He'd be more than willing to share what Coquitlam Alliance has been doing with the Tarahumara people in Mexico.

I've heard application deadline for the Mexico Mission is February 15th, does that mean I have to cover all of the mission costs on that day?

Nope, just hand in the application. We've pushed for early application date to give people the chance to prepare for what they've committed to, i.e. sending out prayer/support letters, find hiking gear, etc. Truth be told if you hand in the application a few days late we won't ignore you. However, no applications will be accepted after February 15th.

If this is your first time serving on a short-term mission with Coquitlam Alliance, click here for your application.

I want to come, but I'm not sure how I'll pay for it. Will Ethos be doing any fundraising to help out the team?

No, Ethos won't be doing this. Team members are encouraged to send out support letters to family and friends in order to fund their short-term mission. In God's kingdom there will be times where some people will be 'goers' and others will be 'senders'; sending out support letters enables people to join you as you seek to serve Jesus in Mexico. If you'd like a sample support letter please let Alessandro and he will get you one. If you feel that strongly that you are supposed serve in Mexico, but aren't sure about how everything will be payed for don't hesitate to contact Alessandro.

I've heard there are bursaries for people serving on a mission. How much is the bursary for? How can I find out if you're eligible for a bursary?**

In the past Coquitlam Alliance Church has given bursaries individuals, however for this mission no bursaries will be offered.

Can I submit my Mission Application during the week?

Yes, the offices at Coquitlam Alliance Church are open Monday to Friday 9:30AM-4:30PM you can drop off your application at the main office.

Still have a question that hasn't been answered? We encourage you to contact Alessandro directly at aperello@sfu.ca.