At Ethos we desire to love God with our head, hearts, and hands. Vital to this desire is proclaiming the Truth of God's Kingdom come and what that really entails, namely that God through His Son, Christ Jesus, is reconciling and restoring all things to Himself.

With that, we seek to join God in the work He is already doing around us locally and internationally. Throughout the year we will be inviting you to come and follow God into His kingdom work.

Current Mission: Mexico

In the rugged terrain of northern Mexico's Copper Canyon reside the Tarahumara aboriginals. And nestled in one part of the vast canyon is the Guacayvo Boarding School/Orphange where just under 100 Tarahumara children live. Since 2006 Coquitlam Alliance Church has partnered with Tarahumara Ministries to make Jesus known among the Tarahumara. This year Ethos decided to join in this partnership by sending a team twenty or so young adults and intend to do the same in the coming year.

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If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Alessandro Perello at aperello[at]sfu.ca.