Community Groups

What is a Community Group?
At Ethos, we endeavour to make disciples who love God with all their mind, pursue Him with all their heart, and serve Him with their hands. The two primary components to accomplish this task is our Sunday service and Community Groups. The Sunday service (the preaching of the Word of God) prepares the hearts of the people to live out and experience the Word in their daily lives during the week.
Community Groups are small groups of people who come together to grow, pray, and share the experiences of life and faith in an intentional way.
What is the Purpose of Community Groups?
We were not meant to do life alone. Community Groups exist to lead people towards a life of committed discipleship. A disciple of Jesus is a person whose identity is in Jesus, who worships God with their entire life, is actively involved in a biblical community, and serves God and others using their gifts. Community Groups are the vehicle that drives our discipleship at Ethos.
How do I get connected?
There are several ways to get connected to a Community Group:
The Hub: On Sunday evenings, there will be a place to sign up and people to talk to about anything Community Group related. Resources and information about Community Groups will also be available.
Connect Cards: Grab one of our Connect Cards from the pews or from the Hub and fill out your contact information: request to learn more about Community Groups. Drop them off at the Hub as a first step to getting connected.
Website: Each group page has its contact information, details on dates and times, and locations. You can also contact Paul or Heather (our Community Group coordinators) for any questions or assistance.