Baptism Information and Preparation

We want to do everything we can do provide you the tools to write a testimony that is glorifying to God and tells your story well.

You will find two documents attached to this page. Here is a little description of both of them:

  1. Ethos Testimony Preparation: This document will help you write your testimony by giving you questions that you can answer. There are 8 simple questions, but by you answering them, will give the listener a good grasp on who you are, what God has done in your life and why you are getting baptized. The only questions that are mandatory are numbers 3 and 8.
  2. Jesus is the Hero: This document will help you focus your testimony to give all attention to Jesus. It is about you and your life, but more importantly about the intersection point of your life and the life of God. Use this document as a guideline to write a testimony that is succinct and powerful.


This page is about serving you!

We want to do everything we can to help and prepare you to get baptized. On this page you will find resources and a guide to write your testimony. If you have any questions or need help, please contact Pastor Dave Jonsson.