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Sexual addiction runs rampant in the church. 70% of men, 30% of women, and 50% of pastors in the church struggle with sexual bondage. This issue festers underground, though, because of the intense shame that surrounds it. One of the antidotes to shame is to speak it out.

At Ethos, on April 28th, three young adults from your community will be sharing their personal stories of sexual brokenness and healing, bringing to light the reality of this problem and the reality of God’s grace, faithfulness, and hope that they have experienced.

After they share, men and women will split up into different rooms of the church to discuss more about this issue. There will be a trusted panel of people in each room that can respond to any questions that you have. There will be opportunity to submit questions anonymously to the panel. We hope that this can facilitate an honest dialogue about this important issue!

This event is open to all people!