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From reading the New Testament, it’s clear to see that eating, drinking and doing life together around a table were central to the life of Jesus and his followers. For the first four centuries of Christianity, the early church gathered around a meal in homes as a way to enjoy fellowship and practice hospitality with one another. Family night is an opportunity for us to gather together for a shared meal once a month as we seek to build Jesus-centered community. Our desire is for everyone to come as they are with a heart to participate and lift others up with great food and conversation! The food at family night is brought together pot-luck style by those who attend, meaning that everyone is invited to contribute and serve by bringing a dish for others to enjoy as part of a communal feast! These nights are wonderful opportunities to invite people God has placed in our lives to experience the warmth and joy of Christian fellowship, so we would encourage you to think intentionally about who you could include. Our prayer is that family nights would not only foster deeper community within ethos, but also form in us a desire to be hospitable people who seek to express the love of Jesus to those around us through hospitality in our own homes all across the city.