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The main Ethos event each week is our Sunday evening service. Almost every Sunday throughout the year you can come to Coquitlam Alliance Church at 7:00pm and attend a service that is especially for you, a young adult. But what can you expect in our services?

We sing theologically deep, gospel-centered songs.

We love singing songs and hymns that have a strong history within the church and bring attention to the person and work of Christ. The music is modern and engaging, but the songs always reflect Scriptural truth. Worship is a big part of Ethos. Come ready to sing.

We preach the Bible.

Every Sunday we open the Bible and see the revealed word of God inspire worship and change lives. Ninety five percent of the time we go through a book of the Bible and apply it to our lives in the world today. We think the Word of God is so important we dedicate a significant portion of our service to it. Expect a 45-60 minute sermon at Ethos.

We worship through the Sacraments.

We take communion every Sunday at Ethos as a reminder that the death and resurrection of Jesus is the fulcrum point of our faith, community, mission and lives. Communion at Ethos is an open table – any follower of Jesus can participate.

We worship through our finances.

The gospel reaches to every part of life, including our wallets. So we seek to honor God by giving back to Him and his Kingdom with the giving of finances, or “tithing.” This is only for those who consider themselves regular attenders of Coquitlam Alliance Church. For those who are not regular attenders of Coquitlam Alliance but would still like to support Ethos, we have Offering Envelopes where you can indicate this.

We build community.

No one should be lonely, and it’s because we believe this that we provide a way to meet people and build relationships at Ethos. This time happens after the service is over on Sundays and is called “After Hours.” We have coffee, some eats and every once and awhile a band plays to help make it a good hang out. Everyone generally enjoys it so much we are still kicking people out of the building at 11:30pm every Sunday night.