Ethos Mexico Mission

Ethos is Going on Mission!

We are excited to announce that this summer, Ethos will be going to the Copper Canyon, Mexico with CA Church! Some of what you can expect on a short term mission trip with CA Church include sharing the gospel, building/establishing churches, encouraging national pastors and workers, children & youth programs, feeding the hungry, helping the orphans, developing business opportunities for widows and conducting medical/dental clinics.  The Missions Ministry plans and prepares teams to minister in all these areas. 

Ethos Trip: Copper Canyon, Mexico (Guacayvo Boarding School/Orphanage)

This short term mission is a Level 4 experience and occurs within a very different culture. It will involve ministering to families & children, serving the poor and projects activities. Come and meet your sponsor child. Be prepared for some potential hiking. Eaerly Bird Applications before March 31, 2019: $2400. Applications after April 1, 2019: $2800 

What do I Need to Do if I want to Go?

In order to join a Short Term Mission Team, each individual must complete Understanding Missions Class Online at your own pace and the Mission Team Training. The Mission Team Training is offered twice annually - once in the fall and once in the spring. Each team member is only required to attend these classes for their first Short Term Mission experience. After their first experience, they automatically qualify for subsequent mission trips. Following completion of these classes, an individual must fill out an application for the specific Short Term Mission and be interviewed by a Missions Leader. Specific training days are offered for each mission so that all applicants are informed about the logistics of each trip and provided with a comprehensive handbook. These training days allow team members to interact and develop team unity.

How do I Sign Up?

If you would like to apply for this short term mission trip and to learn more information please head to