Jesus is Awesome-As told by Dan Hamhuis

Jesus is Awesome-As told by Dan Hamhuis

As the NHL season begins, we remember what God did a year ago today. Through a few great connections, we were able to bring Dan Hamhuis, a defencemen for the Vancouver Canucks to Ethos.

Over 600 people came out to hear Dan proclaim Jesus as Lord. It was powerful as this cultural hero denied the attention normally given to him, and placed it where it belongs-to Jesus Christ.

I always want to be remembering - but not living - in the past. Through the history of the Old Testament, the writers are constantly telling Israel to look in the rear view mirror: "Remember Egypt"; "Remember my covenants"; "Remember my character". This anchored Israel as they made their way through the present-in the here and now. 

So today, I remember. I look back and praise God for what he did that night. I praise Him for how he saved people that night. But I don't live there. I also look forward to better days and more effective ministry. But I want to take a second and say, "Thank you Jesus!"

Jesus is awesome. You have heard me declare it, and now you can listen to Dan Hamhuis say it too.

Here is the video.