Ethos is a ministry of CA Church. Our mission is to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to young adults and engage them in Biblical community. We even have a mission statement: “Ethos is a community on mission for the glory of God to see lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.” As we meet and worship Jesus every week, our goal is to make this mission more and more of a living reality.

We Are a Community

We desire to be a group where people are known and can be known. Young adults today are starving for authentic, meaningful and welcoming community. We pray that God would make us just the type of community that young adults are hungry for. We work to build honest, friendly community at our services on Sunday evenings, but also through the weekly meetings of our community groups.

We Are On Mission

God’s mission began when time began. As part of this mission we want to play our part well and obediently. So we do whatever we can to equip and resource young adults to live redemptive, missional lives. We are also always thinking of our friends, neighbors, and family members who do not know Jesus as leader and forgiver and work to bring them into community with Christ.

We Give All The Glory to God

We are not sure if Ethos will still exist in twenty years, but we know for a fact that God will. Therefore we give all glory, fame, and honor to God and his son Jesus Christ.

We Want Lives to be Changed

If you look at the bible, anyone who responds appropriately to the gospel is radically changed. This holds true today for young adults who come to know Jesus. When the life and truth of the gospel intersects with young lives, transformation happens. We celebrate Jesus and his life-changing message and seek positive transformation, through Him, in the lives of the young adults who call Ethos home.

We Live By the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Transformation does not happen through sophisticated words, winsome programming or interesting videos, but through Jesus alone. The gospel of Jesus is our only hope for change, and because of this we champion the atoning work of Christ on the cross at every possible moment. We seek to be gospel-centered in all that we do. From our worship gatherings to our weekly preachings and small groups, we place the gospel first and seek to present it accurately and in a compelling way.


We are aligned with the mission of CA Church. We do not operate on our own, but are supported by and under the authority of the leadership of CA Church, its Lead Pastor and Elders. If you have further questions about CAChurch's theological stance, click here: http://www.wearecachurch.com/who-we-are/

Often the question is asked, “So are you your own church?” The answer to this question is no, though we understand why it’s asked, as we do operate much like our own church. When it comes down to it though, our role as supported by CA Church is to provide a place in the city where young adults can find Jesus, be in Biblical community, have a place to serve, be equipped for life and ministry and for furthering Christ’s Kingdom in the Lower Mainland